The U-Latch Story

As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention!’ While our horse, Tater, inspired us to come up with a better latch by letting himself and his furry friends out on a regular basis, the clips and chains that came with our gates were already problematic. They were hard to use one handed, they stuck in cold weather, and they were difficult to open from horseback.

We had an idea for something simple and strong to fit our needs and, voila, the U-Latch was born. We’ve been using these latches (or prototypes) for more than eight years now and they definitely make life easier, both for installation of the latch and getting in and out of gates. There are still times when someone forgets to latch a gate, but we can’t blame Tater anymore. Anyway, he has a new challenge to keep him busy — our stall door latches. We’re working on a solution for those, too!

Scottie Jones (co-inventor of U-Latch)
Leaping Lamb Farm, Oregon

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U-Latch keeps livestock safe behind their gates